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Drawing and Painting

“A longing to relate to something tangible, to reduce and simmer onself until it is nothing but a symbol, to reduce life experience to totems that represent that specific time in my life. I am collector of toys and hoarder of unassuming items with sentimentality. In framing my Asian femme body as a commodifiable object, I critique processes of fetishization, identity and hyper-feminity and girlhood. I yearn to find representation where it lacks,Drawn to using intuition as an approach to my materiality; my use of oil paint, graphite, and spray paint become signifiers of my emotive visual language. I navigate the tension between the fleshing and defacing subject matter as the paintings slowly start to take form and mirror personal narratives.Inspired by the femmages, I weaponize girlishness and kitschiness as a way to subvert capitalist and patriarchal constraints. With an attempt to take up space I force you to confront my identity through your preconceptions. All of my works are a form of self-portraiture reflecting on shame, anger and acceptance of my selfhood.”

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Sophia Chavez is a first Generation Filipino-Canadian located in Toronto, Ontario. She loves toys and her favourite colour is pink.
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Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023
2023, DTSU Third Space Launch
Hart House
2023, Grad Ex Thesis Show
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