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Drawing and Painting

“Working from memory, I take landscape scenes and transform them from their original form to a fluid place that is completely constructed from the positive recollections. Within my landscapes I aim to capture the light all around me and how the elements move to create an ideal reflection of these places.”

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Emily Tran is an emerging artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Tran’s an acrylic landscape painter with a focus on contemporary landscapes as well as abstracted forms based on nature and environment. From using her personal memories attached to each place, Tran works to show her personality expressed through colourful interpretations of each space. Each work can be viewed as an indistinguishable land to some or can be seen as a look into the artist’s intimate ideal reflection of how she views the world around her. Emily is in her final year at OCAD University acquiring her BFA in Drawing and Painting.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2023

Landscape Painting Acrylic Painting Abstract Painting Canvas Building Colour Theory Oil Painting Style

2023, GradEx108
OCAD University