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“Focusing on working with biodegrabable items that I can dissect and rip apart and turn into a completely different foreign object you wouldn’t imagine. I love to work with thread because it has this connection to being domesticated but at the same time it is becoming an area of art that is contemporary and new and people are pushing themselves in new mediums to portray. In my work I love to work with text as you can see in the pieces I have uploaded, I like to imagine how touch and feel has a place in the art world which when I embroider words it is not just read but touched as well it is braille in a sense but still at some times you can read it or not depending how small the font is. ”

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Athena Nemeth is a non binary Italian/ Hungarian artist based in Montreal completing their Bachelor of Fine Arts at OCAD University. Working as a textile artist that paints with thread to touch on subjects of materiality using objects that are discarded or old which they alter to create anew. In their practice they like to touch upon identity, history and nationality in their pieces. Through the pieces which they make using thread, they want to speak upon the change of how textile art can be represented into the fine art world and leave the woman’s craft stereotype of what it is thought of. Athena will be going on to complete their Masters of Art in Fine Art at the University of Brighton after graduating OCAD University.
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Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2021

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