“We use many words in our lives. But is every word meaningful? Does it also mean that every word is passed on to exactly another person? If so, can you say that there are meaningless words? Even in the same language region, we sometimes experience a wrong understanding. In different language regions, we understand each other by behaviours such as body language and nuance, not by word. Does 'understanding' mean that it will be okay if they were following each other? What's next?”

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After 30 years in Korea, YoungJoo has been studying the meaning of 'communication' based on her experience with the second language and its impact as she lives in Toronto. Based on the accumulated experience, the study aims to find meaning for things that do without our knowledge by presenting a generation-to-generation impact, alternative methods. For her purpose, she has been honing her skills in pixelation animation for the past several years. Originally a graphic designer, YoungJoo blended her animation skills with her five years of commercial visual design experience, bringing about a perfect combination of her two passions.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Major Completed, 2020
Woosong University - Faculty of Design
Computer Visual Communication Design
Major Completed, 2009
2020, GradEx 105 _Annual Graduate Exhibition
OCAD University