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aka. Jo,

“Experiencing architecture and the environment can help generate the spirit of place and understanding of architectural space, as well as help design buildings and cities. To experience architecture is not only to "see" the building, but to enter the space, to feel how the space surrounds you, to feel how you are led from one space to another without realizing it, to feel the textural effect of the building, to feel the color of the spatial interface, to feel the orientation of the space and the orientation of the building, to feel the life of the sound in the space.”

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My name is Joanna. I'm an Environmental Design student just finishing my final year thesis. I like to study how to use various elements to build spatial heterogeneity, create spatial atmosphere, and string together in a specific spatial sequence to convey the spirit and emotion I want to express.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design
Major Completed, 2022

Rhino AutoCad 3D Printing Lazer Cutting Grasshopper Adobe (Photoshop; IIlustrator; InDesign; Lightroom) Wood Cutting Research

2022, GradEx107
OCAD University