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“The project "Women? Object!" explores the theme of the objectification and sexualization of women in the fashion industry, and consists of a collection of warning or educational illustrations titled "Women? Object!" The concept originated from a humanities course I took in my senior year of college called Art & Fashion, which introduced me to many artists' works on women's self-protection. This led me to think deeply about the issues surrounding women's status in the fashion industry and in society at large. I found that modern women often develop a sense of "man-hating" as a means of self-protection and resistance to the current situation. They are discriminated against and harassed in both their personal and professional lives. Women are viewed as playthings rather than independent individuals with a voice.”

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Hey there, I'm KIIAKIYO, an illustrator and lover of all things art. As a professional digital artist, I've honed my skills to create works that capture the essence of human motion and the small details in life that inspire me.I'm constantly pushing my boundaries and experimenting with different styles and mediums to create something new and exciting. And I've had the privilege of working with clients from a variety of industries to create illustrations that make an impact and bring a smile to people's faces.Being an illustrator is my dream job, and I feel incredibly lucky to do what I love every day. So if you need a motion-capturing ninja with a stylus and tablet, look no further! Don't forget to check out my portfolio website, Please! Here:
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2023

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