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aka. mamaduck, Illustration

“‘Story within us’ tells Korean folktales and mythologies, that are being forgotten, once again through depicting beings and methods of the past stories into our everyday actions in order to preserve the told cultures, in hopes of familiarizing the public with the tradition.”

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Hey, its Somin, Jasmine, or even Mamaduck! Please call me whichever sticks to your memory! I'm a Korean artist based in Toronto, ON. I like carefully observing the real world and taking fun distortions at it to deliver my ideas. Jumping around in different mediums, I enjoy exploring a variety of methods for creative problem-solving. I'm passionate about creating works that are meaningful and reflect myself or works that are simply fun to look at! Besides art, I love exploring different cafes in town and trying my best at video games.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2022

Illustration Visual Development Concept Art Games