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Miao Xuan


Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles

“/From the black gulf explores the trickster archetype as cope, as praxis, as spiritual surrogate. As an archetype defined by multiplicity, shapeshifting, and transformation, the trickster occupies a position between realms and physicalities, a flux space simultaneously evasive and revealing. Built upon a Yellow Woman experience, the sculptural and alchemic capacities of clay are used to superimpose a world of illogic and suggestion upon our knowable one, devising an active mythos through which alternative modes of existence can be imagined. Making reference to Taoism, ecology, spirituality, Traditional Chinese Medicine, ontology, and the grotesque, this exhibition plays with a logic through which closed doors can be traversed, not by willpower or obedience but because the doors are now made of smoke. ”

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Miao XuanLiu
Profile Picture
Miao Xuan Liu (b 1998, Qingdao, China) is an artist based in Tkaronto.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2023
University of Toronto
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Major Suspended

Textiles Sculpture Ceramics

2023, Paraline - Shoes Off Collective
Midnight Arcade
2022, Blueprints - Shoes Off Collective
OCADU Great Hall
2020, Everything Came Back to Me
Abandoned field at Cunningham and Brock
2020, now that the artifice is dissolved
Hearth Garage
2023, Material Art and Design Medal Winner
2020, Launchpad Bursary
Toronto Artscape Foundation
2018, USRA - Biology