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Material Art & Design

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A passionate and creative jewellery designer & freelance blogger based in Toronto, Canada. After rethinking for several years during the fuzzy and monotonous daily life, Garance decided to continue her art & design career and keep exploring more new matters. Garance loves to be close to the various outside nature and explorepeople's mysterious inner worlds. She often gathers her inspiration sourcesfrom both natural and spiritual references. Such as feathers, stars, myths, andamulets. They always appeal to her with the immense beauty and organic instinctthat bring her endless imagination and reveries.Therefore, Garance decided to apply both natural and spiritual elements as the central themes for designing and producing her unique creations. She wants to convey her subtle feeling about nature to the viewers who get in touch with each of the single pieces that she designs. As well as wish they could perceive the natural emotion and sense and then interpret them with their particular experiences.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2022
George Brown College
Jewellery Arts
Major Completed, 2016

Jewellery Painting Sketch Design