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aka. fongkikid, Mixed Media, Speculative Fiction, Storytelling, Digital Projection, Animation, Textiles

“My thesis explores the intergenerational and cultural gap existent within immigrant parents and their children through textiles, projection mapping, speculative fiction and dance. With my mother’s sewing machine, I carefully fabricated a hanbok (한복) ,a Korean traditional costume, to represent the pieces of my constructed and hyphenated identity. I use this digital space to create a speculative narrative animation between me and my parents, participating in a reciprocal exchange that extends beyond language. As the animation is projected onto my garment, my body becomes an essential part of merging my digital and physical identities, piercing through and with time and space.”

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Enna Kim [fongkikid] is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. She explores the dimensions between her hyphenated Korean-Canadian identity through animation, projection mapping and large-scale murals. Inspired by Korean motifs, colours and landscapes, she shares personal stories of her immigrant family as a form of experimental storytelling.Enna has exhibited work in InterAccess Gallery, Xpace Cultural Centre and events such as BIG on Bloor Festival, BigArtTO and Burning Man. She is a recent OCAD University graduate from the Digital Futures program, and the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) in Scotland and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at York University.
York University
Communication and Culture
Major In progress
The Glasgow School of Art (GSA)
Communication Design-Illustration (Honours)
Minor Completed, 2020
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Digital Futures
Major Completed, 2020

3D Modeling & Animation Projection Mapping Large-scale Murals Illustration Textiles-Hand-dying, Shibori

2020, Steps Initiative - Window Wonderland
2020, The Next Fourteen Days-KOLAB
Online Exhibition
2020, Festival of Live Digital Art, FOLDA
Online Exhibition
2020, BigArtTO Art Projections
Alex Memorial Pool @ Christie Pits
2020, UKAI Residency Projects-Tamil Archive Project
2018, FORM Exhibition-Tridel + Patch + OCAD University
McCaul Street & Grange Street, Toronto, ON
2018, Entanglement-Roundtable Residency
The Dragon Academy, Toronto, Canada
Showspace Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2018, Toronto Korean Film Festival
Innis Town Hall, Toronto, Canada
2018, Augmented Cinema VI
The Royal Cinema, Toronto Canada
OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
2018, Biography of Things
Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada
2018, Preservation and Permanence
InterAccess Gallery
2017, Outside the Box, StreetARToronto
Joe Shuster Way, Toronto, Canada
2017, Burning Man Festival
Black Rock City, Nevada
2016, Salon of Inclusiveness III
Black Cat Artspace, Toronto, Canada
2020, Textile Immersion Lab Scholarship
Textile Arts Center
2020, Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursary
Artscape Daniels Launchpad
2019, St. George’s Society of Toronto Bursary in Art & Design in Honour of Rosalie Sharp
OCAD University
2019, Dorothy Hoover Award
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences And School of Interdisciplinary Studies
2018, Galleria Supermarket Scholarship
Galleria Supermarket
2016, NXT City Prize Competition Sustainability and Energy Category Shortlist
NXT City Prize