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“Hi, I am Valerie. First I am a writer, and then I am an artist. I produce storytelling works in the form of creative writing, as well as visual arts. Storytelling is the most important way of self exploration for me. I am trying to make sense of being human through writing about the universal experiences that my readers can resonate with. You can find all my creative works on my website in the link below. If you want to talk about my work, or create something together, you can always reach me by email or a phone call. ”

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Valerie Gong is a Chinese born artist currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. Her main practices are creative writing and photography. The motivation behind her works come from a longing for the exploration of home, identity, and the representation of culture. Valerie creates works that feel true to herself and her culture. Although she is not a religious person, she has always been fascinated by the act of confession. She tells her story by confessing to her readers, in a most honest and genuine form as she can. Through this, she invites people from all backgrounds to set aside their prejudgements, to make way for the voices and stories that needed to be heard.
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Major Completed, 2021

Creative Writing Photography

2021, GradEx 106