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Valerie Gong

Short Story Collection

Creative Writing
This short story collection is a series of individual short tales exploring the theme of home, identity and mental health.

“This is a series of stories created with the techniques of autofiction and nonfiction writing. I fictionalize memories because as we change, so does how we look at our memories, and the memory itself. Instead of fixing my stories on the facts, I turned to my emotional truth instead. This is not because I, as a story teller, am unreliable, but because I am the story itself. "I am telling you stories. Trust me." - Jeanette Winterson”

Work by

Valerie Gong

Photography & Creative Writing

“Hi, I am Valerie. First I am a writer, and then I am an artist. I produce storytelling works in the form of creative writing, as well as visual arts. Storytelling is the most important way of self...” [More]