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“What are the critical topics in today's human society? What are the boundaries of design discussions? The universe, nature, ethnicity... Design is a language that can connect all disciplines, emotions, thoughts, and feelings... Design is a medium that can express everything. Driven by enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, I seek to unlock the full potential of visual communication and explore the essence of everything.”

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I always hope that my designs can touch the essence of things beyond their surface, and my initial intention is to create works that resonate with the audience and convey meaning. As a graphic designer with a Chinese background, I have studied, integrated, and collided with designs from different contexts at OCAD U, a multicultural environment. This has provided me with more materials and creativity to produce unique works. As a lover of culture and art history, I enjoy getting inspiration from research and reading, and I am brave enough to try and explore different methodologies to give my designs rich forms and profound content.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2023

Typography Package Design Art history Print publication Experimental design Photography

2023, Gradex 108