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aka. KHAN, Performance

“These works poignantly execute erasure as a form of coping because I am left with no other choice. The actions throughout my performances are conducted in repetition—from a beginning to an end. The line from Adam Phillips’ book 'On Flirtation' has a particular standing within the movements and choreography throughout the performances and the method of painting. Phillips’ analysis on forgetting is especially important for these performances because, “... forgetting is a way of describing the remaking involved in substitution, and by the same token, the most dangerous insights, or revelations, are those one cannot forget." I present myself as a body to an altar (at one end of the space) that is rewriting a repressed memory from beginning to end. These performances are only meant to be durational because they are rituals. Erasure is gradual and a fractured memory.

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Khan is a first generation multidisciplinary queer artist, of Carribean and Latin American descent. They specialize in painterly performances, endurance, multimedia installations, spoken word and sound. Khan explores subconsiousness and repetition in their performance work to eradicate and expel the unwanted memories and the subjects deeply rooted in desire. Khan is currently based between Tiohtià:ke / Montréal.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media
Major Completed, 2020


2020, Project 31