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“My approach involves investigating structures of lived-experience; the subtle and intimate intertwinings of the body, nature, and the world of perception. I focus on the 'how' of appearances more so than the 'what'. This means that my work is often experimental and supported by the involvement and self-reflective tendencies of the ‘viewer’ (the ‘listener’, the ’experiencer’). I also take an improvisatory approach, as I tend to prioritize the impulses to creative-act over what may be in service to a larger, predetermined idea that usually reveals itself retrospectively. I’m focused on transformative sonic/somatic practices, electroacoustic music and techniques, as well as the social change involved in inter-species well-being and the transition away from an objective-physicalistic body to a lived-experiential one. ”

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Elliott Larson-Gillmore is an artist, writer, and composer of electroacoustic music who graduated from OCAD University with an Integrated Media BFA after two years at the San Francisco Art Institute in New Genres. He was in residency with the Studio for Urban Projects and SFAI in the Marin Headlands and San Francisco in 2017, and recently with the MOMUS Emerging Critics Residency. Upcoming works include For Bike Bells with XC98 (2019) and The Intertwining Voice of Contact (2020) at Long Winter, Toronto, and at Ignite Gallery in 2021.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media
Major Completed, 2020
San Francisco Art Institute
New Genres
Major Transferred, 2017

sound art installation art performance art video art phenomenology

2020, GradEx 2020
2020, Wavelength x OCAD U
Ignite Gallery
2017, Interferences
San Francisco Art Institute
Long Winter, Toronto (2021)
Ignite Gallery Group Show (2021)
2020, Momus Emerging Critics Residency
OCAD U Career Launcher
2020, Project 31 - Integrated Media Award
OCAD University
2020, Long Winter: Digital Video Art Commission
OCAD U Career Launcher
2020, Nominee
BMO 1st ART!
2017, Grant
San Francisco Art Institute
2017, Trustee Scholarship
San Francisco Art Institute