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aka. MORTVL, Illustration

“Humans need to be more cautious about how they utilize technology because it is a magnificent tool that can have dangerous consequences.”

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Ræ Azzopardi is a multidisciplinary artist and designer also known as MORTVL. They specialize in illustration, painting, graphic design, and audio. Their practice contemplates duality, nature, technology, mental health, and life cycles while simultaneously juxtaposing the beautiful and horrific. Within their work, they fuse digital and analog elements in order to be as flexible and as expansive as they can.Currently, they work out of Idea Exchange maker's space where they cultivate their skill set and teach what they know to others. When they are not in the maker's space, they participate in projects that utilize their abilities and build community.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major In progress, 2023

Illustration Painting Graphic Design Laser Cutting Adobe Software Audio

2023, Major Works Exhibition
Artscape Youngplace
2022, A Nightmare on Queer Street
Gladstone House