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“My thesis follows the story of my family’s immigration from Myanmar to Canada. This history is explored through nostalgia from its Greek origin: nostos meaning ‘return home’ and algos meaning ‘pain’. It explores how we experience these pains and adapt to them and grow with them. Finding small ways to return home while away from home.”

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Hello! I’m Kas Lockwood, I am a Toronto-based illustrator specializing in concept art, comic, and editorial work. I love storytelling through illustrations- with a special love for character and portrait work.A lot of my art is inspired by the films and games I enjoy- I take care to study cinematography and try my best to incorporate it into my pieces. I am always trying to explore and experiment with new ways of making.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major In progress, 2023

Illustration Procreate Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Web Design

2023, GradEx
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