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Oil painting, Light-based work, Photo-paintings

“I paint and embellish childhood photographs through layered glazes and interlaced mark-making, producing an illuminated aesthetic of dislocation and protection. Relating Nazar (evil eye/envious gaze) to an omnipresent colonial gaze, I seek to veil vulnerability from exposition in a world saturated by misrecognition.Visit my photo-painting installation in 441!”

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Veerta Kumar is a visual artist based in Toronto. She considers the flux, chaos, and fragments of our perceptions to decolonize modes of re-presentation and re-creation as a Desi-woman navigating her neurodivergence. She is presently immersed in patterns, ornamentation, textiles, found materials, family album archives, personal photography and digital manipulation and using oil and acrylic to make marks. Kumar is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting in 2023 from OCAD University.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2023

Oil Paint Photo Transfer Installation

2023, Paraline
Midnight Arcade
2023, Awenda Inspired
OCAD, Ada Slaight Gallery
2023, Deep Down My Heart Sings Group Exhibition
Ada Slaight Gallery | OCAD University
2022, Metamorphosis
OCAD University Great Hall
2022, BluePrint for a Collective Home
OCAD University, Great Hall
2021, The Language of Abstraction | Selected Works
OCAD University | Online Exhibition