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“Looking for realistic portraits with a creative twist? Or just want to view some cute cartoon corgis? Then my profile is for you! I specialize in everything from cartoon anime folks and animals to making real people's features come to life through charcoal drawings. Check out my website to see my realism figure drawings of bodies, faces, hands, mouths, and all other parts of the human body! Otherwise, I have a lot of digital drawings that may strike your fancy - from fantasy creatures to well known video game characters, there's something for everybody! (And cute corgis, as promised.)”

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At 22 years old, Morgan is an aspiring tattoo artist who specializes in drawing cute cartoons and realistic portraits using charcoal. She is passionate about creating artwork for social justice, and has been vegan for 5 years as a result. You can find Morgan on her off time playing video games, drawing, or at a local bar headbanging to a metal show!
Minor In progress, 2022
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies
Major Completed, 2022

Black and white realism Cartoons (especially animals!) Social justice work

2022, Morgan's Work
2017, "Principal's Choice Award"
Janice Gladstone
2017, "Art Award"
Brie Cooper