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Environmental Design

“Connecting people with nature, as individuals and as a community. I want to design urban spaces for communities particularly while using and protecting nature for the sake of a better future for our communities and for our planet.”

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Hi, my name is Javeria and I'm graduating from OCAD in Environmental Design with a minor in Sustainability. My main focus is on Landscape Architecture and Urban Deign, but designing any kind of space, particularly for communities, brings me great joy and hopefully also to those that I am designing for. I also like to keep my designs creative yet realistic.I was born in a country where there is rarely any funding for developing and interacting with our nature in a established manner and I grew up in a desert with sand and sand for miles that lacks the rich greenery seen here. With that being said, I believe Canada has an extremely rich natural environment, from its vegetation to its bodies of water, and the resources to cultivate and promote its well-being while using it to enhance the lives of our cities and communities. Not doing so would be a shame and a waste, not to mention a crime against nature.
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Environmental Design
Major In progress, 2022

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2022, Gradex 107
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