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“Attempting to juggle the many complex nuances of diasporic identities and cultural heritage, my work is a choice to celebrate ourselves, our relationships, and our joy. I’ve chosen to highlight some lovely people in the community around me, capturing casual moments in a playful and colourful format. Engaging with these moments and these individuals feels to me like an act of care and a way to document the energy of a complex ecosystem within a neighbourhood that may soon look very different.As Vivek Shraya explains in "How did the suffering of marginalized artists become so marketable?", while an artist’s trauma and history is entirely their own to express, often institutions place racialized artists in the position of constantly re-enacting that trauma as the only way in which to be considered “serious artists.” This project became a refusal to perform for the benefit and entertainment of institutional audiences, and the beginning of understanding who I want my art to be for and where I want it to exist. Started in 2019, this project reflects my own process coming into community. It is not meant to present the concept of "community" as a magical solution for racism, gentrification, and colonial culture. Communities are complicated, over-lapping, and ever changing. Learning to care for your community is a choice and an on-going practice. ”

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Christie Jia Wen Carrière (she/her), who also goes by Chris, is a painter, illustrator, rug-maker and artistically curious individual. Chris is intrigued by, and aims to explore through her work, the nuances of the in-between. In-between her own ethnic identities; in-between culture and familial nostalgia; community and alienation. Currently, she is working as a painting instructor, a free-lance illustrator, as well as the Co-Creative Director at Tea Base, a grassroots community arts space located in Chinatown. In this role, Chris has collaborated with MOCA, Myseum, the AGO, The Gladstone Hotel, Mayworks, and others. She obtained her BFA in Drawing & Painting with an Art History minor from OCAD University.Since March 2020, Chris has been living and working out of the 4 walls of her bedroom, which can be found somewhere in Tkaronto/Toronto.
OCAD U - Unknown
Minor Completed, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020

Painting Digital & Physical Illustration Graphics Creative Facilitation Rug Making

2021, little did i know
Trinity Square Video
2020, Tea Base is a Friend of Chinatown
The Gladstone Hotel
2020, BACK IN 5: A Closing Exhibition
Tea Base
2020, Tea Base at AGO All Hours
2019, Re:Locations Navigating Visions of the Asia Pacific Symposium and Exhibition
Hart House
2018, Canada 150 Art and Heritage Exhibition
The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
2018, D'Arcy Symposium
15 D'Arcy Street
2020, Art Works Art School Drawing and Painting Award
Art Works Art School
2016, Delaney Scholarship
The Delaney Family