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Christie Carriere

Candy Shop - Chinatown Mall Project

Candy Shop1 of 3 panels on sewn, un-stretched, hanging canvas scrollfeaturing the owner and his shop in the Chinatown Centre mall, 222 Spadina Ave.

“...The hanging scroll / handscroll like nature of my artwork allows it to easily pass hands, rather than allowing my art to be tied up, or tied down, by the colonial institutions. I want my work to be able to travel, to migrate through our communities and our families. I want my work to experience touch, to be rolled and unrolled, and to carry on the echo of human touch. I want the viewing of my work to be a social interaction, an experience among friends. What has become central to my own theory of decolonial art throughout this process has been to return our art to our communities, and to emphasize art which is both made by and made for our communities. This practice, ideally, would eliminate both the hold of the institution as well as the materialistic view of art ownership and the elitism at the centre of an art world built on colonial-capitalism.”

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Candy Shop - Chinatown Mall Project
Candy Shop - Chinatown Mall Project
2020, BACK IN 5: A Closing Exhibition
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Christie Carriere

Interdisciplinary Visual Artist

“Attempting to juggle the many complex nuances of diasporic identities and cultural heritage, my work is a choice to celebrate ourselves, our relationships, and our joy. I’ve chosen to highlight some...” [More]