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aka. Sherry, Illustrator

“Noble Savages is an illustration/mini comic series about escaping societal norm. Each comic tells a story about humans turning into animals to entertain their most simplistic desires. This series of work questions the notion of anthropocentrism. It depicts the gradual loss of self as a result of the stress imposed on individuals by modern society. The transformation of the characters from human to animals indicates the process of the protagonists’ self-awakening and finding their true nature. It serves as an analogy for human behavior when they are unshackled from the stress and anxiety from career and life.”

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JunYang (Sherry) Cao is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Sherry's work explores themes of freedom, escape from societal pressures, and the poetic beauty found in everyday life. She aim to relieve people from the burdens of society and transport them to a world of limitless possibility.
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Major In progress, 2023


2023, GradEx 108
OCAD University