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“Being alone and feeling lonely is like being in a dense fog where it is hard to see past ourselves and reach out to others. As daunting as it might seem, loneliness is not such a terrifying feeling if we face it head on. Check out my year-long undergraduate graphic design thesis project, Draw Your Loneliness, which was done in isolation due to COVID-19. It is a website that sets out to help its visitors face the terrifying feeling of aloneness and loneliness; to help them find peace and happiness in these times. Using digital drawing and self-expression, we can make peace with these difficult feelings by making them visible, examinable, and less ominous. Draw Your Loneliness offers a way to connect with others who might have similar experiences as us by sharing our art and knowing that, in a way, we are not alone in our loneliness. ”

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Hii I'm Eldrin Banares, and welcome to my tiny slice of GradEx 106! I'm an OCAD University Graphic Design graduate of 2021 with a passion for producing creative coding experiences, websites, publications, advertising, motion graphics, and kinetic typography. Here you’ll find some of the work I produced in isolation, due to COVID-19, during my final year at OCAD U. My thesis project, Draw Your Loneliness, is directly inspired by this isolation and the loneliness I experience/d throughout this pandemic. This project, and the ones displayed from my other classes, are the culmination of my passions and skills I’ve gained throughout my time at OCAD U.
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