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“Set in the near future, “Dead Men Tell No Tales” follows the story of three survivors who, while awaiting rescue, discover that they are not human, but are instead androids whose lives and experiences have been entirely manufactured for the purpose of serving at a family entertainment restaurant. This collection of illustrations strives to explore the nature of identity as it relates to the mind and body, as a way of imagining what is left after the loss of that which makes us fundamentally human. ”

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Kylie Robson is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto with a love for the whimsical and wild. She draws inspiration from folk tales and wildlife and enjoys spending time outdoors in the rain. In her spare time, she likes to tinker with handmade inks, found materials, and new techniques. She hopes to continue learning new ways of making cool things out of other cool things.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2022
Rhode Island School of Design
Semester Exchange
Major Completed, 2019

Watercolour Painting Creature & Character Design Narrative Illustration Visual Development