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Environmental Design Specializing in Interior Design

“I aim to ignite a sense of collective joy and curiosity that brings people together and spreads positive energy. I believe that by designing unique encounters that encourage public participation, I can create lasting memories and make a meaningful impact on the world.”

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I'm Jessica Gao, a designer and artist based in the vibrant cities of Toronto and Mississauga. I finished my studies at OCAD University with a Bachelor’s degree in Design, where I specialized in Environmental Design with a focus on Interior Design. Throughout my studies, I developed an eye for detail, a passion for sustainability, and a strong sense of aesthetics that informs her work to this day. Now, I'm eager to contribute to various design projects, ranging from residential interiors to commercial spaces and installations. My current focus is on exploring more conceptual work that pushes the boundaries of art and design. Through my creative process, I aim to challenge conventional thinking, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire positive change in the world.I'm particularly drawn to the field of installation work, as it allows me to create immersive experiences that inspire wonder and foster connection among people. I am inspired by the idea of transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary destinations, whether it’s a concert venue, a retail store, or a public space.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design - Interior Design Specialization
Major Completed, 2023
2023, GRADEX, 108