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Design for Health

“I strive to help address the pitfalls of our healthcare system that too often leave patients, families, and healthcare workers bearing the burden of bridging system gaps. My Design for Health studies focused on youth healthcare transition from paediatric to adult care, specifically addressing how we might individualize and support the experience of role and responsibility shifts for caregivers and youth over time. My passions lie in reframing complex challenges, to ultimately make meaningful change for a better tomorrow.”

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I'm a multi-disciplinary designer with 10 years of experience primarily working as a visual designer. Design has the power to help solve complex problems through human-centered and participatory design methods. As a patient myself, I experienced the many sides of healthcare and wanted to find a way to use the skills I had to help improve the system, leading me to the Design for Health program. From the very beginning, I have had an interest and passion for narrative. Storytelling has the power to highlight, and uplift the voices of those who are most impacted by complex issues. As a designer, I have found it both inspiring and fulfilling to develop solutions grounded in those voices. The complexity of many of life's most wicked problems cannot be solved in silos, but rather through collective action.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Design for Health (MDes)
Major In progress, 2021
User Experience Design (Certificate)
Minor Completed, 2016
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2013

Design Thinking Systems Thinking Visual Communication Strategy Service Design Design research methods

2021, Youth Healthcare Transitions, 'My Marathon' Program
2021, Building Bridges and Passing Batons: A Conceptual Framework for Youth Healthcare Transition
2021, OCAD U Medal Winner
OCAD University
2013, Savage Sloan Ltd. award for excellence in brand identity
OCAD University