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“I am presenting a release package for the album 'Paint A Lucky Picture' by Spirit Josh. Finishing and releasing this album has been about graduation, but not in the bureaucratic sense. It is about surmounting a mountain of ideas that were developed throughout my time at OCADU. Most of the songs on this album were written by actively applying techniques that I was learning in school while also feeling a surge of excitement for being in this place and time, that would allow me to spend all of my energy being a full time creative. This release package contains a music video, and a small book that were developed to compliment the musical album. The music video for the song ‘Trout! Fishing!’, which is an alt-pop-country record about karma, establishes the point of view of an innocent trout being caught and carried from river, to plate, woven with scenes that borrow from the records strange mix of sounds. The characters throughout take on both country fishermen, and pop band qualities. The small book is a handheld 48 page zine that carries a forward, the lyrics to each song, with art, prose, and short stories alongside them to explain their place in the context of the album. The album itself could be described as alt-synthetic-polyethylene-polypropylene-aluminum-spirit-country. ‘Paint A Lucky Picture’ by Spirit Josh is a love letter to the country written inside the confines of a city.

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For as long as I can remember I have been writing and telling stories. Throughout high school and into my early 20’s I would would try my hand at all kinds, but the more I did it, the more I found that my truest calling was songwriting. As of late, I spend most of my creative energy toward writing songs for a current project, Spirit Josh, which was created by myself and two of my close friends Sam Szigeti & Alex Nunes to commemorate the life and spirit of my little brother, Josh. The songs take on a kind of alt-country/folk space, they come from an appreciation of what made old country special, and were my best attempt at contributing my own vision to the genre, singing the honest blues while maintaining my own contemporary sound.
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2023, Matt Jonn Lewis
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