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Photography, Design, Digital Collage, & Painting

“I use digital collage to entangle images of my body with nature, the Western art canon, and the internet, generating an ambiguous tableau of fleeting figures and ambivalent spectacles. I then paint these charged associations onto slanted wood panels to remake this fragmented dream through realities of unfolding flux. The work explores the tensions between colonial concepts of authenticity, life, and the body. I make so that I may disentangle my gaze from white supremacist, patriarchal frameworks and reveal the coercive terms of recognition embedded in Canada’s cultural mosaic. ”

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Damon Couto-Hill is a Portuguese/Mohawk man and an interdisciplinary visual artist. He is a member of the Six Nations of the Grand River but grew up mainly in the Cliffcrest region of Scarborough, with the Portuguese side of his family. He lives and works in the Dish With One Spoon Territory of Toronto, Canada. His work collapses images across time, space, and culture to explore the unfolding of nature, humanity, and identity. His work visualizes the dysfunctions of Western consciousness and a personal journey of reconciliation beyond its conceptions of authenticity, belonging, and discovery.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Art & Social Change
Minor Completed, 2022

Acrylic Painting Oil Painting Digital Collage Design Digital Compositing

2023, Awenda Inspired
Ada Slaight Gallery
2021, Collage 2021
John B. Aird Gallery
2022, Indigenous Student Leadership Award