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Drawing and Painting

“Represent Emotion, two series of Korean watercolour paintings on hanji, conveys the concept of drawing sentiment from the scenery. Inspired by the sky and the sea, this project investigates the psychological effects of colours on emotions. I intend to construct emotions carried from various appearances of the landscape into gradual abstract forms. Employing hanji, the traditional Korean paper, echoes where I am coming from as it is connected to me as a Korean artist and conveys my emotions through the visual language of painting as paper stores language and memory. Also, the organic property of the material led me to focus on creating accidental marks to draw out natural expressions. This project was started with physical site research and photographing the landscape to recall the sentiments I felt from the scenery and capturing completed paintings evolved from site documentation allowed me to recapture the moment. Therefore, this process of visiting and documenting places connected significantly with the concept of delivering personalized experiences. The title of each painting reflects the actual data of the location and time of the moment and each painting has different lengths depending on the duration of emotions; the longer the duration, the longer the painting is. Hence, it connects the represented emotions of the paintings and the documented scenery. ”

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Ye JinYang
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Ye Jin Yang was born on 18 February 1999 in the Republic of Korea. She majored in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. Ye Jin is passionate about metaphor symbols and interpreting personal experiences in an abstract painting. She creates art as self-expression to communicate with others and to form empathize. She gets inspired from quotes from a book, movies, colour palette of music videos, TV drama, her memories and dream worlds, and reinterprets the colour, composition, atmosphere, and subject matter of inspirations. The artist mentioned that art is an act of sharing and expressing individuals’ world.
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Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2021

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