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Environmental Design

“Many serious accidents happen in alpine environments due to the inexperience of visitors, this project provides training for the public to gain the confidence to be active in nature safely and enjoyably. ”

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Hey! My name is Tristan. My interests within the design field range from residential design to landscape design to urban planning. I am very happy that OCADU has given me the skills and confidence to pursue a career in this field. In my designs, I focus on how the built environment interacts with nature. I am very inspired by Scandinavian design and love to use wood in a project. I focus on how a built space can calm its visitors while also prioritizing a connection to nature. I have recently moved to North Vancouver, BC and spend my free time climbing, hiking and skiing in the mountains.My thesis is a mountain safety and ecology centre in Canmore, Alberta. This project focuses on creating a safe space to learn more about mountainous activities and the surrounding ecosystems. The planning and landscape create a smooth transition from the adjacent wildlife corridor and promote biodiverse interactions.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design
Major Completed, 2022

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