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photography, performance, curatorial practice.

“Xiao Han is a Saskatoon-based artist/curator originally from Wuhan, China. ”

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Han's creative practise focuses on visualizing emotion, affect sense and community engagement. Han's research explores themes of diaspora identity, gender issues and decolonial practice. Using photography and socially engaged art, Han produced numerous projects investigating the Chinese one-child policy, Chinese Canadian immigrants' identity, and the aesthetic of community relationships through visual art. In 2017, Han's public art "Yee Clun's Lost Story" was permanently installed in Regina Arts Park. This project reflected the lost story of immigrant and restaurant owner Yee Clun in Regina in 1924 when he challenged the racist "Saskatchewan's White Women's Labour Law.'As an independent curator, Han has organized numerous exhibitions collectively with artists and art institutions in Canada and China. in the fall of 2021, Han's latest mentor-curatorial work, Mixing Rice-An Asian Restaurant Art project, collaborated with Saskatoon Riversdale Business Improvement District and five local artists. Together, they created original artwork for the selected Asian restaurants that would later host the art exhibition on 20th street, Saskatoon.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Criticism & Curatorial Practice (MFA)
Major Completed, 2022
University of Saskachewan
MFA in Photography
Major Completed, 2015

photography, performance, community engagement, curation, gallery decolonize practice.

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