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““ Project Harmbitious ” highlights the importance of balancing our ambitions and ethical considerations and a commitment to responsible research practice. This series of artwork conveys the human ambitions, pursuit of knowledge and technological advancement can be a force for good, but when pursued without proper caution, it can lead to unforeseen and disastrous consequences. The lessons from “ Project Harmbitious” serve as a reminder to everyone that science and technology must be guided by a strong moral compass and commitment to the greater good. We must ensure that our ambitions are not pursued at the expense of human safety and environmental sustainability. Instead, we must strive to find a balance between progress and preservation, acknowledging the potential risks and limitations of our pursuits.”

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Hi, I'm Louie. I'm a Malaysian and Toronto-based artist who thrives to shape my passion for art into a career. Apart from my academic studies, I am also a professional art instructor with more than five years of imaginative teaching experience and am highly trained in a wide array of artistic mediums. I have proven the ability to maintain a well-disciplined and highly motivated classroom and promote creativity to every student. This is through offering individualized support, and tools and providing positive encouragement to ensure that each of my students succeeds with outstanding performances and a positive mindset towards their art journey.