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Drawing and Painting, Textiles

“The heart of Lahore lies not in its physical location, but in the souls of those who call it home. Evading its grasp is futile, for Lahore has a way of permeating one's existence.This series takes a whimsical look at Lahore's culture, traditions, and memories, all viewed through a cyclical lens of personal growth. Using vivid animal symbolism, I explore the concept of the "traveler" - a being that embodies both prey and predator, metamorphosing at each stage of life. The traveler is me, and it is also you - a constant presence, dying and reborn again. Split into six different settings, this series reimagines Lahore, showcasing its people and their characteristics through a unique visual language. ”

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Rabiyah Sagheer is a Canadian-Pakistani interdisciplinary artist working in traditional media along with textiles and installation. Based in Toronto, in her work, the artist explores themes that surround her, whether personal, social, or politically charged. Drawing from culture, memory, tradition, and dreamscape, her work bridges a gap between her cultural heritage and current lived experiences. She is an emerging artist acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting and a Minor in Material Arts and Design-Textiles from OCAD University.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress
OCAD University
Material Art and Design-Textiles
Minor Completed, 2023

Drawing and Painting Textile exploration Digital Art

2023, GradEx 108
OCAD University, Toronto
2022, Creative Resilience, Resilient Creativity
Toronto, ON
2020, The Exchange 2020
2020, Feminist Art Fest, OCADU Student Exhibit
OCAD University, Toronto
2019, First Self, OCADU First Year Self Portraits
OCAD University, Toronto
2019, RAW Artists Toronto 2019 Event
2022, Honorarium-Creative Resilience, Resilient Creativity
OCAD University
2020, Honorarium
The Canadian Women ‘s Foundation