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Jing Yuan (Edwin)


Environmental Design

“Exploring the innovative design ideas to make space meaningful”

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Jing Yuan (Edwin)Zhang
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Hello there!My name is Edwin, and I am a designer currently based in Toronto. I have over five years of work experience in the renovation industry, working in a team environment with being involved in countless projects such as interior remodelling, biophilic landscape, and many more relating to renovation. I love the personal nature of interior design, where you are curating an experience for the client to bring a place to life that holds the laughers and warmth.The main focus of my design is to understand the relationship between the environment and human behaviour; this design approach aims to optimize spatial forms that enhance the interaction between the user and the environment.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design - Interior Design Specialization
Major Completed, 2022

AutoCAD Revit Procreate Design Research Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Photography

2022, GradEx 107
OCAD University