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aka. Yuna, Jewellery, Metalsmithing, Textiles

“I blend culture and innovation to create wearable sculptural art pieces incorporating mechanical elements and textile techniques, showcasing a unique style. I am dedicated to preserving traditional skills and passing on cultural heritage while creating a new version of multiculturalism in Canada. Personal narratives and experiences inspire my pieces, allowing the wearer and viewer to feel the backstory behind each jewellery work.”

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Yuna (Lei) Zhang is an emerging jewellery artist with a diverse design and editorial background. With a degree in Art Design and a wealth of international experience, including stints in China and Canada, Zhang's jewellery artworks are a masterful fusion of cultural influences and technical excellence. From wearable art to sculptural pieces and even incorporating mechanical elements, her works have been showcased at various prestigious exhibitions throughout North America and have received recognition, including an Honourable Mention in the Fourth Annual Emerging Artist Design Competition from the Canadian Gemmological Association. Zhang is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of her craft, experimenting with new materials and techniques, integrating textile techniques into jewellery making, and preserving traditional skills in contemporary jewellery design. As a parent, she feels deeply responsible for passing on cultural heritage to the next generation through her artwork. Currently, Zhang is establishing her own company(Yuna Zhang Art Creative Inc.), which will continue producing technically advanced and visually stunning wearable art.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major In progress, 2023
GIA (Gemological Institute of America)
Graduate Gemologist
Major In progress
The Open University of China
administrative management
Major Completed, 2015
Tianjin Arts and Crafts Vocational College
Exhibition Design
Major Completed, 2011
George Brown College Continuing Education
Major Suspended, 2018

Jewellery Textiles Industrial design Cosplay Jewellery hand fabrication Jewellery 3D Rhino modeling Industrial 3D Max modeling Gem setting Metalsmithing Adobe Photoshop Wearable Sculpture Art Mechanical device

2023, Bring on the Gems Exhibition
United States
2023, The Earring Show 2023
Vancouver, Canada
2023, 2023 62nd Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
2023, Mental Health Exhibition
Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
2022, Fourth Annual Emerging Artist Design Competition Exhibition
Vancouver, Canada
2022, Hope is Resiliency Exhibition
United States
2022, WE ARE SNAG: Anthology 2022 Exhibition
United States
2022, Toronto Outdoors Art Fair: 61st Annual Show
Toronto, Canada
2022, The Earring Show 2022
2011, Tianjin Arts and Crafts Vocational College Graduation Exhibition
Tianjin, China
2023, 2022/2023 Peer Mentor Excellence Award
OCAD University
2023, Career Launcher: 2023 62nd Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
OCAD University
2023, Career Launcher Fund
OCAD University Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers
2022, OCAD U (TSA Winter) Bursary 2021-2022
OCAD University
2022, Muse Design Award - Silver Winner
International Awards Associate (IAA)
2022, Career Launcher: 2022 61st Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
OCAD University
2022, Winner of Honourable Mention of the Fourth Annual Emerging Artist Design Competition
Canadian Gemmological Association
2021, OCAD U (TSA Summer) Bursary 2020-2021
OCAD University
2021, OCAD U (TSA Winter) Bursary 2020-2021
OCAD University
2009, The Logo design of the industrial design program, Second place
Tianjin Arts and Crafts Vocational College