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Environmental Design

“Design is a reflection of my values and aspirations, expressing who I am and what I stand for through the things I create.”

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Hi, I'm Sayeh Ghahari, a recent graduate of the Interior Design program at Ocad University. I have a strong passion for interior design and UX design, and I'm excited to bring my skills and creativity to the field.I love exploring new ideas and finding innovative solutions that challenge the status quo. My background in interior design and interest in UX design give me a unique perspective on how to create spaces and experiences that are not only beautiful but also functional.As a designer, I believe in the importance of putting the user first. I strive to create designs that are user-centered, sustainable, and inclusive. I'm constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow my skills and knowledge
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design - Interior Design Specialization
Major In progress, 2023

Autocad Figma Revit Photoshop Illustrator Sketch

2023, GRADEX 108
OCAD University
2023, OCAD U Medal Winner
2022, Albert Fisher Memorial Bursary
Albert Fisher Memorial Bursary
2022, IES Toronto Section Scholarship
IES Toronto
2021, Full-time Students
OCAD U (TSA Summer) Bursary