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Graphic Design

“Designer, problem solver and affable creator, known for dauntless side projects and funny remarks. ”

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MichelleDi Raimo
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A multidisciplinary from Toronto, Michelle creates bold and experimental works that highlight a variety of design concepts. Within Michelle’s work, she is able to synthesize innovative solutions for creative problems both big and small. She takes pride in her ability to be a self-starter, continuously bouncing from analogue to digital in order to get unique and lasting results. She also recognizes that the unthinkable prompts a progressive attitude thus leaving consumers and the economy with a lasting message. For example, maximizing consumer enjoyment whilst minimizing environmental impact. She loves design research, ambitious challenges, energizing conversations and of course coffee.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2021

Editorial Packaging Brand Identity Illustration Typography Design Research