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“Culture is a beautiful thing. Ethnic culture, company culture, Toronto culture...there are so many different types. In my design thinking, I consistently draw from my experience both as a Chinese individual and as a citizen of the world. ”

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Hello! I'm Deanna. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Beijing, and currently based in Toronto. I have a passion for travel as it never ceases to amaze and remind me of how small my little corner of the world is. There is always more to learn about our world, and I believe that creativity and the applications of design are also neverending avenues of exploration. I am determined to introduce creative strategy in situations where it is least expected, but most needed. For example, to make learning heritage language more appealing to young adults, I tapped into a niche of cultural foods and developed a fun card game (aka. family feood).In my downtime you can find me thrifting vintage clothes for resale, watching shows, or browsing Pinterest and adding to one of my many, many boards. Feel free to reach out or send a note through email or LinkedIn!
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2021

Strategy Art Direction Graphic Design

2021, family feood