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Graphic Design

“VECTOR, SPIN, STROKE. is an ongoing project explores the role of tools within design investigations. To position design as an investigative activity is to favor a bottom-up approach. As such, a tool stands between oneself and their outputs—it sets up the conditions within one’s processes. Thus, tool-making is an activity through which I choose how to structure my investigations within graphic design. The toolset for this study aims to construct and deconstruct type through three categories: VECTOR, SPIN, and STROKE”

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Donald Zhu's design practice prioritizes an investigative, systematic, and bottom-up approach to any problem. As someone interested in type, type design, and programming, he seeks to involve iterative mechanisms to generate an extensive amount of outputs. Within his last year at OCAD U, he has been very interested in scripting—both digitally through code and physically through tools and jigs.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2023

Type Design Typography Coding

2023, OCAD U Medal Winner—Graphic Design
OCAD University