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aka. Haidara, Material Art And Design

“I focus on creating works that are inspired by my cultural heritage because it helps me stay connected and discover new things about my heritage. I love to be inspired by myths and stories and I love to use traditional materials and techniques.”

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Hello! My name is Aichoucha Haidara and I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer currently based in Hamilton, Ontario. A native of Timbuktu, Mali, my work is heavily inspired by my culture and experiences. I often use my craft as a way to pay homage to West African culture. My work emanates from the need to keep in touch with my culture since the move to Canada. I bring African mythology and folk tales to life by basing my work on traditional themes and stories. My main focus in design is creating garments that are modular and easily adaptable and inclusive that also have a story to them. I try to create a modern African aesthetic in all the work that I create to introduce African art design to the world. As I recently graduated from OCAD University, I cannot wait to see what the creative world holds!
Toronto Film School
Video Production
Major In progress
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2021

Fashion Design Jewellery Design Textile construction Painting

2021, GradEx
Toronto, Canada