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“Basket of Emotions is a gift that packs our precious emotions. We feel a lot of emotions in our lives and experience emotions that have not yet been defined. These various emotions are greatly affected by one's special situation or environment. This series of illustrations metaphorically visualizes these emotions.”

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Yeonji Lee is an illustrator, designer and animator based in Toronto, Canada. She was born and raised in South Korea, then longing for a new environment where she can learn a broader perspective and develop her artwork, Yeonji decided to study abroad. Now, She is passionate about Illustrations, graphic designs, also animations. Arts embrace diversity and freedom of speech is an ideal learning environment for her. Having a curiosity about her aesthetics and belief in art, she is looking forward to developing her maturity as an artist and meeting lots of people around the world.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2022

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Children's book Animation Painting Drawing After Effects Graphic Design Autodest Maya Illustration Motion design

2022, Major Works: OCADU Illustrative Painting Exhibition
Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON
2022, 2022, GradEx 107
OCADU, Toronto, ON