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aka. FingerSmudges, Illustration

“"Feature Fright" reimagines the irrational fears of children as adult horror films. It explores the difference in how children and adults confront fear by removing our ability to rationalize it, helping us re-experience the terror we felt as a child.”

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Tori is an Ontario-based artist with a background in both illustration and behavioural psychology. They are best known for their love of colours and mixed media, never quite settling on any one style. With a keen interest in anything funky, queer, and neuro-spicy, and with far too many plants for someone with a history of killing cacti, Tori is a big fan of trying new things. Whether it be comic-making, graphic medicine, book binding, animation, or fine art, there’s not much they won’t try.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major In progress, 2023
St. Lawrence College
BAA Behavioural Psychology
Major Completed, 2015

Mixed Media Illustration Graphic Medicine Comic Making

2023, Gradex 108
2020, Ada Slaight Bursary