Life Studies, Collage, Installation, Watercolour Painting

“I have witnessed the ecosystems of my island, Antigua, transform around me. I observed the increased development in coastal areas, progression of the tourism industry and the detrimental/destructive effects it has. Collage gives room for exploration, to create and show the relationships between the different elements of the artwork, and critique the interconnectedness of the issues we continue to face. ”

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Kaylee Meyer (she/her) is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist, originally from Antigua (in the Caribbean). She graduated from OCADU in 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialization in Life Studies – a cross-disciplinary studio program that connects the arts, sciences and humanities. Prior to OCADU she studied the Sciences at a college level. She participated in & co-curated the annual Black History Month Exhibition in 2019 at OCAD U while she was the student group leader for the Blxck Student Association. Her interests include arts education, social justice & project development. Kaylee’s studio practice includes painting, drawing and collage while addressing themes of social & environmental issues, memories, and nature often orienting herself with “home”.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies
Major Completed, 2021

Collage Watercolour Painting Acrylic Painting Curation Material Exploration

2019, Black Richness: The Untapped Potential of Our Ancestry
OCAD U Ada Slaight Gallery