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aka. Bisma Jay, Photo Journalism / Interdisciplinary Artist

“Exploring the depths of my intersectional identity as a queer Pakistani person living in the diaspora. My work aims to engage the audience in heartfelt conversation and creating representation for queer and trans BIPOC community all over the world. ”

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Bisma Jay is a queer multi-media artist who has recently graduated from OCAD University with a BFA in Photography. In their work, they seek to create more positive representation of queer and trans BIPOC folks living in the diaspora. In their spare time, they like to make videos for Instagram, design clothes, and take endless self-portraits. They are originally from Toronto, but have newly moved to Montreal to explore a new phase of their life: post graduation.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major Completed, 2022

Photography Silk Screen Printing Documentary Mixed Media Video Social Media Marketing Clothing Design

2022, Shine On - Doors Open
Toronto, ON
2022, Transformations
Toronto, ON
2021, Making Gender
Toronto, ON
2021, New Depths - Scarborough Arts
Toronto, ON
2022, Photography Winner for Writing in the Margins Contest
Briarpatch Magazine
2021, Second Place Winner for New Depths
Scarborough Arts