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“"... In Pineal Perspectives" is a series of illustrations that seeks to explore the idea of the pineal gland as a source of perception from various cultural and philosophical perspectives. Through digital conceptual abstract art, the project creates a world where the third eye exists and investigates the intersection between consciousness, perception, and spirituality.By exploring the pineal gland and its connection to spiritual and philosophical beliefs, the project raises questions about the nature of consciousness and perception. This challenges traditional ways of thinking and opens up new avenues of inquiry and exploration. Through the use of digital art and abstract concepts, the project's innovative and creative approach to exploring complex philosophical and spiritual ideas can inspire new forms of creativity and innovation. ”

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Mandy Yuan Liang is a Toronto-based illustrator who graduated from OCAD University. Mandy’s work always has high-value colour contrasts and fills with natural organic shapes and lines. By applying clean colours and smooth-flowing lines with rich textures, the artwork is able to bring different emotions and vibes to ordinary subjects.She is also a tattoo artist who specialized in graffiti-style art. Her work is always developed based on fantastical imagination, combined with the existing objects/things to create different illusion effects. Mandy is always willing to try new arts and techniques to serve as her inspiration, constantly striving for personal growth. "Each unique collaboration with the client makes me appreciate all the efforts I make even more."
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2023

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Wall painting Traditional painting

2023, Student Scholarship 2023 Competition
Society of Illustrators