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I’m a 4th year undergraduate Digital Futures student at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. My work explores visual communication, creative tools, and data in different forms. I follow where my curiosity takes me, and the things I make are a reflection of the ever-changing questions floating in my mind. I spent my first semester of school at Western University, going to hackathons and taking computer science classes, before transferring to OCAD. Here, I made a Snapchat filter with 200,000+ plays, studied decentralized finance, and did an urban design workshop in Paris, France. During my internships, I worked at Addepar, Cisco, and RBC, where I designed enterprise software, conducted research studies, and built tooling for design systems in the financial and cybersecurity sectors.
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Digital Futures
Major In progress, 2023