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“"Choose Your Next Words Carefully" is a series of illustrations that reclaims commonly used phrases (as well as behaviours) with sexist, gendered undertones by subverting them in order to critique the harmful gender roles and expectations we promote through speech and actions.”

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I'm an illustrator from Canada who focuses mainly on character design and comic art. I graduated from OCAD University's Illustration Program in 2021 with a Bachelor of Illustration.I've drawn comics and original characters ever since I was little, and I'm always working on more stories to tell. I'm greatly inspired by my childhood love of folklore and fantasy, both of which are recurring themes in my work. Currently, I am working on webcomics, which often feature LGBTQA+ themes and whimsical elements. When I'm not spending several hours drawing my characters, I'm probably playing tabletop games, playing music (badly) or trying to find cryptids.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2021

Procreate Clip Studio Paint Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Character Design Comics, Graphic Novels, Sequential Art

2021, OCAD GradEx 106