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Design for Health (MDes)

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Design for Health

“I have been moved by the 'Designer as Activist' framework and am constantly trying to embody this mission through my work. I strive to think critically about how healthcare provision can be improved/transformed to better serve individuals in need. I am focused on advocating on behalf of the disability community of Ontario by designing meaningful, innovative, and sustainable solutions to various healthcare issues that this community endures. My uncle Ben, who has Down Syndrome and is also a cancer survivor, has been my biggest inspiration, and I dedicate all of my work and efforts during my degree to him.”

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Maizie Lovatt has spent her academic career focused on the intersection between health and the experience of individuals who identify with having a disability. Her work over the years has been concerned with (in)competent care, empathy training, disability rights, the aging population of Canada, and the social model of mental health and addictions. Maizie is a Graduate Medal and President's Award nominee and has continually worked to embody the framework of 'Designer as Activist.' She is excited by the opportunity to have learned how to design sustainable solutions to issues in her interested topic spaces.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Design for Health (MDes)
Major In progress, 2022
McMaster University
Major Completed, 2019
McMaster University
Mental Health & Addictions
Minor Completed, 2019
McMaster University
Health Studies
Major Completed, 2019

Health Design Health & Aging Mental Health & Addictions Design Thinking

2022, ToolTalk
205 Richmond
2021, Ernie & Rivette Herzig Scholarship
Ernie & Rivette Herzig
2021, OCAD U (TSA Fall) Scholarship