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“I is a film about an old man ruminating on his life filled with hardship and failure. The film is presented through a series of vignettes from different stages of his life, each featuring a different challenge that the man had faced. The film was created using stock images, a handful of drawings, and animated entirely in PowerPoint.”

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Hello! I’m Amir Pairawan, and I am a designer, so to speak. I love working with video, and being expressive with visual design. My philosophy involves breaking conventions, and approaching my work in ways that people have never seen, or would not expect. I’ve learned that having fun with my work not only helps drive my passion, but provides viewers with a fresh experience. In my spare time, I appreciate film and music through a critical lens. My favorite artists inspire me to be meticulous with my own work, and to layer them with details for others to discover, interpret, and hopefully enjoy for themselves!
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Graphic Design
Major In progress, 2021

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